After spending several days riding through the Midwest (Ohio to Colorado) last summer, I had just about reached my limit of straight roads. The views did change, and they were as new and beautiful as the rest of the country. I enjoyed every moment of that journey. But there’s something about leaning the bike over that just keeps you… alive. 

So, you can imagine my relief when I finally made it to the border between Colorado and Nebraska. I still had some state highway to cover before reaching Denver, but the sun was slowly setting in the West, shining through the clouds like a beacon of hope. I knew that as long as I kept riding towards the light, I was eventually going to get to lean my bike over… a lot! And boy did I ever. That’s another story. 

Today is the first Friday in April. Perhaps your work week is ending in a few short hours like so many others. No matter how bleak the winter weather has been, or how mundane your tasks may be, or how many hours you’ve punched on the clock: the weekend is almost here. Time to claim it for yourself and head in the direction of your happy place. 

There’s always a light at the end of the interstate.

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