Moonshiner 28

I love this shot from Moonshiner 28 (formerly known as Hellbender 28, which I prefer) in North Carolina. I come here every year in early September for the Women’s Sportbike Rally. Every year, save for a few random storms, consists of mildly warm sunny days and cool clear nights. Tourism is down because it’s after Labor Day. Lodging is cheaper. But those are not the reasons I make this annual pilgrimage specifically in September. Nay, I come for the unicorns. 

Wait, unicorns? Yes. Female sportbike riders. It’s kind of a thing with us. Either you get it or you don’t, but the nickname has stuck and we roll with it. 

I do love riding alone, but man it’s cool to ride with people you know, trust, and who have the same ability as you. Watching a line of motorcycles snake through mountain roads is unlike anything else. The beautiful choreography flows and moves as you keep pace with the riders in front you, dancing with them as the curves draw you in. 

I wish the name of the road had never changed. It makes so much more sense when I say riding Hellbender 28 with these amazing women is like dancing with the devil and angels at the same time. 

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