Wheelie Out

This photo was taken about 24 hours before I got robbed in Atlanta on Memorial Day weekend in 2016.  They took everything in my tank bag and managed to spend $3500 on my credit card before I could even call my card company. It was, by far, the crappiest weekend I have ever had on a motorcycle trip.  

The moral of the story: When life gives you lemons… stop and smell the wheelies.
OK, before you freak out, take a deep breath. I don’t endorse this behavior. I don’t denounce it. I just wheelie, I mean really, like this photo. Why? Because it reminds me of how much fun I was having before the shit hit the fan. It reminds me that motorcycles are awesome and can do awesome things. It reminds me that being a motorcyclist is great… really really great. 

Yes, sometimes people suck. But it doesn’t last if you don’t let it.

Go out and ride and love every moment. Don’t let people keep you down (see what I did there!?!), and when in doubt, wheelie out!

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