About the Author: Brittny Cleveland

Brittny Cleveland, an Arizona native, has been riding dirt bikes and quads for nineteen years. She currently owns a 2003 CRF 450 and a modified Honda 250r. Brittny’s favorite places to ride are the infamous dunes of Glamis, California, local motocross tracks, and the open Arizona desert.  “In my riding career, I’ve had my share of injuries and triumphs; there is nothing in the world that I love more than the adrenaline rush I receive from twisting the throttle and shifting through gears!”

Aside from being a natural born dare-devil, Brittny is a bit of a nerd who loves gaming and hopes to become a well-known author. “Writing is like riding to me – it comes naturally and I’ve been writing stories since I learned how to form a sentence. I enjoy writing children books, poetry, and realistic-fiction for adults and teenagers. There are no limits on my dirt bike or with my keyboard!”

"Without it, I'd be nothing."

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