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Throw Pillows: Support Your Local Female Rider


They call them throw pillows because you can throw them just about anywhere. Forget the stuffed-animals, give your girl something to cuddle with that also shouts “I’m a badass” when company comes over.

Just Ride Rectangular Pillow

Just Ride Rectangular Pillow by Artist The Junkers – $29.99.

Need I explain?


Motorcycle Blueprint Rectangular Pillow

Motorcycle Blueprint Rectangular Pillow by Artist Marcus Melton – $29.99.

A diagram for a fun night out or a cozy night in for any architecturally-inclined or IKEA-frequenting female rider.

Motorcycle Diagram Throw Pillow

Motorcycle Diagram Throw Pillow by Artist Marcus Melton – $29.99.

For the nerdy girl with a twitchy throttle hand, a mechanic, or any lady who appreciates the classics. Perfect for the couch in her garage.

Rules Create Rebels Throw Pillow

Rules Create Rebels Throw Pillow by Artist Desirae Samantha – $29.99.

Another one that doesn’t need an explanation. She’ll get it, no matter who she is. I am so in love with this piece of art, I wanted to showcase it on several products. I’ll settle for the throw pillow. Just know that it’s available as a travel mug, carry-all pouch, bathmat and much, much more.


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