Every Day’s a Spa Day

Pamper & Primp: Biker Beauty Essentials


Every woman already has a favorite lotion or lip balm, but the beautiful thing about her favorite beauty products is that they can change as easily as she can change her mind. Why not introduce her to all-natural products that are meant to nourish and protect her while she rides? Even better, these items are made by a female rider and are tried and true (by myself) as the best hair and skin products for riders out there, period.

Shielding Detangler

Shielding Detangler by Wind Therapy –  $15.

Apply to your hair before riding to prevent split ends. Apply after riding to help detangle. Apply after a shower as a leave-in conditioner. There’s so many ways to use this product and it lasts for 3-6 months even with regular use. Her hair will thank you!

Shielding Lip ConditionerShielding Lip Conditioner by Wind Therapy – $10.

Say I love you with more than just lip service. This luxurious balm is thick and lasts for hours without any weird taste or harmful chemicals. Lips love this stuff on and off the bike.

Shielding Skin Conditioner

Shielding Skin Conditioner by Wind Therapy – $30.

Riding is risky, especially for your skin! She’ll use this as a base under sunscreen to protect her delicate features and stay naturally glowing after every ride.  Bonus: it’s anti-aging and all-natural. Worth every penny.


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