Caffeine Fiends

Morning Jolt: Mugs that Move


Coffee, tea or knees in the breeze? She won’t have to choose with the right beverage containment system. Go ahead, warm her heart and her drink.

Vespa on Fire Mug by Artist Takee912 – $15.

She might be a scooter rider but that doesn’t mean she was born to be mild. This is guaranteed to make her laugh.

Retro Motorbike Helmet Mug by Artist Mailboxdisco – $15.

For the new rider who has just found her true North, this mug will always help her find her way… to the coffee pot.

Clutch Brake Vroom 2 Mug

Clutch Brake Vroom 2 by Artist Dr. Soed – $15.

Nothing shows her your love and acknowledges her love for motorbikes (at the same time) better than this. Whether or not your love is the type that’s hot and steamy, the liquid inside sure will be!

Flat Metal Travel Mug by Artist The Junkers – $24.99.

For fast-moving females, this travel mug keeps her beverage hot or cold for 12 hours and looks much cooler than a plain stainless steel tumbler from your local camping shop.


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