Bee Behind Bars is a simple project I’ve been planning and pondering since 2012. After “Moto Gypsying” across the country for over a decade, I discovered that some of my favorite photos are actually screenshots from the GoPro camera mounted to my helmet. When I view these still images, a wave of memories from my rides come rushing back and I can’t help but feel immense joy. I want to share those feelings and show you what I see when I’m behind bars.

I know there’s a little wanderlust in all of us. Thanks for wandering my way. Enjoy!

-Brittany Morrow


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  1. you written the great experience we can take about that. the last month i fall off me bike because I was wearing a t-shirt and a shorts so i damage my left knee and my right arm and, my knee is in treatment since then and my arm is ok. so now definitely I will go to buy a fullwear to ride on my bike. to you it been worth i expect you can pass over it and ride carefully. great documentary. you should tell to everyone. and the helmet definitely was be obligatory. so then we can reduce the dead’s motorcyclist in usa. in portugal has obligatory the use of helmet but in holland you need a full wear and a helmet if you dont use you pay a ticket. so that you need in states. cya and burn rubber not your soul.

  2. What an incredible journey you’ve had. Glad to see you turned a such a negative experience into such a positive work. Much respect.

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