A Slew of Storage

Busy Bee: Lighten the Load


She’s got baggage, and it’s fabulous, thanks to you! One can never have too many storage devices on hand. 

Princess Carry-All

Princess Carry-All by Artist The Junkers –
$12.99(S), $19.99(M), $25.99(L).

There’s one (or more) in every crowd. Might as well let her be proud of it, right?

Work Carry-All

Work Carry-All by Artist The Junkers –
$12.99(S), $19.99(M), $25.99(L).

If she commutes on a motorcycle, she will appreciate this more than you can understand, because she already needs this in her life.

Freedom Ride Carry-All

Freedom Ride Carry-All by Artist Creative Worx –
$12.99(S), $19.99(M), $25.99(L).

This is the ultimate “best riding buddy” gift for your wild soulmate. Buy her the large one and make her carry your stuff, because that’s what friends are for, after all.

Riding Girl Tote

Riding Girl Tote by Artist The Junkers –
$20.99(S), $24.99(M), $26.99(L).

Retro styling and a relaxed riding position for your favorite chill lady.

Va Va Vroom Lucy Tote

Va Va Vroom Lucy Tote by Artist Iron Lungs –
$20.99(S), $24.99(M), $26.99(L).

For a vintage-loving-vixen, or any girl who appreciates the level of sex appeal afforded when one rides and wrenches her own.


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