Earnest Hemingway said, “There isn’t always an explanation for everything.”

I suppose that’s what I felt in this moment. The sun, peeking through the clouds, pouring itself out into the canyon below it, took my breath away. As I descended from the Sierra Nevada mountains toward Springville, California, on a road that brought honor to my nimble Yamaha MT-09, in the middle of June, I found myself absolutely speechless.

It. Was. Perfect.

So, I had to stop to capture the moment… perhaps because I knew my words would fail when I would later try to describe this most wonderful road in the most beautiful of settings. I needed proof. Maybe I wanted the moment to last a bit longer. Even forever wouldn’t have been long enough.

You know what else Earnet Hemingway said?

“Everybody has strange things that mean something to them. You couldn’t help it.”

He was right.

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