Golden Plains

One of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced is finding familiarity in places I had never visited before. While riding North of Hamilton, NZ, I found myself in a place I recognized… even though it was my first time there. Remembering from some obscure elementary school lesson that similar latitudes and elevations produce similar landscapes, I realized through experiencing not myself that this was true regardless of continent or hemisphere. So, a ride through North Hamilton, NZ is like a ride through Yellowstone National Park. Half a planet away and yet, the same beautiful golden, rolling hills, spindly flat trees and gorgeous vistas. I’ve always wanted to visit the Serengeti and go on a safari. In all reality, I’ve already been there. On my motorcycle. Twice. 

Funny how that doesn’t keep me from wanting to return to that latitude for more of the same. No matter where I go, I always find myself there for the very first time.

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