Just as roads in certain locations can only be reached via bridge, some life achievements are only attainable with help from others willing to hold you up and help you across. Consider the last time someone reached out and pulled you through a situation where you were in it up to your neck. Without an outside force, you might never have reached the uncharted territory just beyond that ravine. What seemed like a black hole in front of you became a gorgeous backdrop when you were given enough support to cross over. 

Creating a network of people you trust is invaluable. Love and respect create lifelong friendships. I’ve learned that throwing a shared passion for riding (and going on lots of motorcycle rides together) help to maintain and even strengthen the bond. The connections you build might very well be what saves you the next time you’re faced with a challenge you can’t seem to conquer. Just remember that there’s a bridge for every gap. 

When the water gets too deep, place your trust in others. You never know who might be the missing link. 

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