I love when two vastly different landscapes come together. Like green waves crashing over orange rocks, the transition from barren canyons to lush hills is a sight to behold. At Ortega Highway, the contrast between the two is bold and abrupt. Unlike most roads that travel through vast elevation and climate changes, there’s no gentle transition from one to the next. It’s almost as if you’ve been teleported to a completely new place. I imagine the overhead view is quite striking, with the line between “coastal” and “desert” sharply defined. 

Sometimes life surprises us like that… A complete change of scenery in the blink of an eye. There’s nothing more awakening than a sudden, noticeable change. It forces us to closely examine where we are now and how it differs from where we’ve been. And then we must adapt. 

Just as a skilled rider can account and adjust for any conditions, as humans we must be able to change internally in order to best fit our situation and surroundings. Leaving your comfort zone can be unnerving, but we can’t be afraid to travel beyond what we already know. The beauty and wonder that lies just over that next hill crest is waiting for us. Sometimes, we find ourselves there whether we want to be or not. When change is a choice, embrace your bravery and cherish every moment in your new normal. When it isn’t, let your true grit loose. Acclimate. Habituate. Roll with the punches. You got this.

You never know which side the grass is greener on until you try. Who knows, the contrast might be exactly what you needed. 

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