Today (in the real world) I flew to Austin for MotoGP. I’ll be staying in Texas through the following week for the Revved-Up Women Texas Motorcycle Expo, where I’ll be presenting apparel workshops as well as producing and emceeing a moto fashion show! Needless to say, preparing for two very different events and being away from home for two weeks straight with no recovering in between has me a bit frazzled.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes everything just gets jumbled. For a brief moment or maybe a little longer, you might even forget where you are. In these moments of confusion, you’re distracted and it’s easy to miss things, important things… like staying relaxed (or writing your daily blog post).

When I look at this shot, it reminds me of how I felt planning and packing for this trip at midnight last night – and how I’ve felt so many other times in my life. Lost? No. Twisted. It seems like there are a million places I want to be, with a weird and windy route to get to each one. Sometimes it feels like I’m backtracking, looping, caught in a relentless never-ending circle. It can get frustrating, and there’s nothing fun about that.

That’s when it’s time for a deep breath and some perspective.  Twisties are fun! I remember that if I just look at them from a wider angle, they don’t seem so daunting. If things seem tight and scary up-close, take a few steps back and widen your focus because the bigger picture is guaranteed to be more beautiful.  In the end, I find I’m on the right track after all and everything straightens out just fine. Of course, I’m talking about life, plans, logistics…  but this applies to the descent at Pikes Peak or whatever road you call your nemesis all the same. Just keep swimming!

I know this post is a few hours late. Better late than never. Thanks for waiting for me!

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