Sometimes you can’t see far enough ahead of yourself to know the road is safe. As a safety instructor, I’m taught that strategic placement on the road can help you see further and be easily seen by others. I know I can delay my apex, slow down as I approach the turn, stay to the outside line and not turn in too early, keep my vision wide and look through as far as possible, and sometimes even imagine what the road looks like beyond my line of sight. In short, there are so many things I can do as a rider to conquer the blind corners. One thing is for certain: the lay of the land will always have the advantage.

No matter how much you look ahead, map your route, and plan your future… sometimes the path you’re on gets dodgy. Control over every little detail no longer applies. Don’t forget that you still have control over your movements, your pace, and the direction you’re heading. You are still the captain of your fate, but a little faith will be needed at the roughest spots and there’s no getting around it. 

At this point, you’ve got to trust those who came before you and carved the way. If you’re making your own path, you’ve got to trust the work you did to get there and the plan you made to get through. The route is there for a reason and although it might seem hard, there’s something worth it just on the other end. Focusing on the outcome might make the worst parts of the journey seem obsolete. Regardless of your destination and whether or not you’re on a road less traveled, the key is to just keep moving forward. Stopping is not an option. 

The best surprises are when moments of uncertainty change you. Ambiguity can help you learn and grow into something slightly better than before. Having the grit to push through a dilemma makes all the difference. If you allow it, moving through your own hesitation will chip away at your weakest parts and chisel out a strong and skilled individual… but only if you don’t quit. You might not recognize yourself on the other side, but I guarantee you’ll love what you see.   

Control what you can. Embrace what you can’t. Never give up… and take lots of photos. 

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