Love and Dragons

The truth about love is that no one really understands it. At least not fully. There is a mystery in its method that we might never crack as humans. No one can agree on whether it’s a perfect mix of chemicals in our blood or something deeper, greater, going on underneath the surface. It’s something we can’t study or grasp and therefore will never be able to harness. Perhaps that is what makes it seem so elusive. It is unattainable and yet, we spend our lives chasing it.

I might not know what love is but I do know how to recognize it in my own life. I love beautiful places. I love motorcycling. So naturally, I love riding the scenic routes over any other type of riding. More than anything else in the world, though… I love sharing my life and the things I love doing with people I love. 

Sometimes love is so strong in others that there is no denying it’s presence.  I’ve seen a passion for riding in many individuals over the last 11 years. I know what it looks like the moment I meet someone who feels it as strongly as I. These are some of my most favorite people, because they get me.

When two people with the same obsession find each other, the chemistry is undeniable. The strength between them grows exponentially every time they partake in their shared passion. The bond they’ve built is so obvious you can almost touch it. I’ve both seen and experienced this phenomenon myself. It is a beautiful thing. If you have it, hold onto it for dear life. It doesn’t come around every day.

 I have had the privilege to know and befriend Jud and Sarah Merrell. Above all others, these two personify what I believe to be “love in the highest degree.” They share a fervor for life that I don’t see very often. They laugh, play, race, travel, change and grow together. I’ve watched them become unbreakable over the last 10 years. By no means do I have any illusions that they don’t have struggles like anyone else, but I can just imagine these two surmounting obstacles together with style and grace. It’s just who they are. I believe it’s because they’re committed to making their own lives and the lives of those around them better every day.  

The next time you visit Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort, holler at Jud (he’s the general manager). He’ll treat you like family.

Watching Jud and Sarah ride the Dragon together is mesmerizing. To me, if it could be captured in a photo, this is what LOVE looks like. 


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  1. April 15, 2017 — 6:31 am

    Nice! Love is so special and rare. We feel so lucky to have shared life and the road for 40 + years. Gin & Sue
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  2. Very nice today! I know what you mean, as we have been living that for 40 years now. Not always perfect, but mostly and wouldn’t change a thing.

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