Speed limits. The limits of your motorcycle. Your engine’s rev limiter. The limit of your skills. The limits of your physical ability. The limits of physics… so many things limiting us!

There is a place that exists between pushing your limit and maxing out your limit. It seems so elusive for many motorcyclists; either you are riding well above your ability, or you’re sitting comfortably far below the threshold. One of the reasons I love the Dragon so much, is because you can push yourself and get low get that feeling of maxing out – without actually pushing too far. The speed limit on the road is 35 miles an hour, which, admittedly, is usually is a fun-killer on most roads. The Dragon is so technical you don’t have to go breakneck speeds in order to have a good time.

Many of the corners include a cautionary speed of around 20mph for high profile vehicles. Thank goodness I’m on a machine that isn’t limited by physics in that aspect… it’s designed to take the corners with ease and grace. I’ll take 35 and leaning over 20 and creeping any day.  That 15mph makes all the difference.

For me, it’s always about getting home safely after a great day of riding. Isn’t that really the highest achievement of any motorcyclist? Feeling like you’ve pushed yourself to do something beyond mundane while staying away from the edge of death is a fine art. It has taken me years of practice to achieve that balance. Once you hit that sweet spot, there’s no turning back. You’ll want it on every ride.

My goal is always to get home in one piece. Getting there while leaned over is the best… no, the only way. What’s your goal?

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