The Dragon

Any motorcyclist looking at the sign in this image understands the significance. The Dragon is world renown. 318 curves in 11 miles.  There are many places like it. Some will swear there are dozens of routes that are far superior. US 129 does have steep competition, especially if you travel outside the continental states.

With that said…

There is no other road that riders from across the globe will travel the world over just for the chance to say, “Been there, ridden that.” The Dragon has a magic all its own. It appeals to our sense of adventure, challenges us, and caters to our need to indulge in reckless abandon. Photographers will document your journey. Stickers and T-shirts will commemorate your accomplishment. Everything must be earned.  

In the end, it’s a right of passage. You can certainly spend your entire life on two wheels bypassing this road and it won’t lessen you in any way as a rider. Conquering it will simply (and crucially) elevate your understanding of and appreciation for those places that just seem meant for motorcycling. 

Have you slain the Dragon? It’s never to late to start a crusade. Go, chase it down… it’s waiting for you. 

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