The Perfect Day

Every time I look at this photo I think, “The perfect day.” Of course it looks like a scene from a CGI-enhanced movie made to reel in new riders and trick them into thinking all’s fine and dandy in motoland. I imagine a voice over from someone like Morgan Freeman, gently serenading you with sweet lies…

“All roads are clean and smooth. There’s no traffic coming or going. The sky is a deep indigo. The clouds are puffy and white and will never produce a drop of rain. The sun warms the air around you, which smells like pine and wildflowers.  The trees line the edge of the road perfectly and their leaves never fall in your path. You can see for miles ahead, and what. A. View! You live your life one curve at a time. You are the Motogypsy and this is your story.”

If you’ve ever done a cross-country adventure, or even just an overnight ride, you know this dream rarely comes true. BUT! Sometimes… every so often… things just fall into place so perfectly you can’t believe it didn’t happen by some grand design. These days really do exist and I’ve been lucky to experience more than a few in the past 11 years. From Colorado to Arkansas, Idaho to West Virginia, California to Ohio… I’ve found myself in this magical combination of “right place at the right time” on the days I least expected. I haven’t always caught it on camera, but the feeling never goes away.

If you can, imagine a million images as pristine as this playing in front of you one after the other in succession. Whatever your “perfect day” looks like, it is out there waiting for you to find it.

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  1. Awesome!

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