The Florida Keys

I had just finished working in Miami last April and had a day and a half to get to my next gig in Tampa. I decided on a whim that I wasn’t heading North without crossing 2 things off my Moto Bucket List…

  1. Take two wheels to the tip of the Florida Keys
  2. Ride through Everglades National Park

The photo shows me preparing to hand over my hard-earned dollar at the “back entrance” to North Key Largo, the Monroe County Road Toll Bridge. I took advice from some locals and hit Card Sound Rd. instead of the touristy Hwy 1 to get to the Keys and it paid off! The views from the summit of the bridge were breathtaking and I was the only person on that road for miles. It was like I had my very own Caribbean island… save for a few crocodiles I’m sure.

I hit Key West as the sun was setting and found myself at a beach-side bar and grill with live music, palm trees and benches facing West. Needless to say, I didn’t get back to my hotel in Ft Lauderdale until after 2am, but I wouldn’t change a moment from that night. Oh, and yes, I made it to the Everglades the next morning.

Crossing things off the list feels good. Realizing that you can get two of them done unexpectedly, unplanned, within 24 hours and without a hitch… priceless!

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  1. Yay! Toll booths! he he 🙂

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