A video to document the Conga

Well, it’s been a few weeks in the making, but I’ve finally finished my Conga compilation video.  I believe it sums up exactly who we are, what we did, and why it is such a life-changing experience.  So, without further procrastination…  here it is. Enjoy!

This video doesn’t exist


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  1. Beautifully done, Brit! *smooch*

  2. Very nice Brit!

  3. Very cool video Brit!! I would love to do this with you next year!

  4. Well done! Flo should use it to advertise for next year’s ride.

  5. This absolutely, totally is amazing and ROCKS !!! Love it Britt!

  6. Loved it Britt!!! Great job..

  7. Had to watch this again. What great memories. Thanks for all you do chicklet muuuuuah!!

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